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Write the vision down. Inscribe it on tablets to be easily read.  Habakkuk 2:2

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Book Review: 1000 Places to See Before You Die

10 Tips for Travel to Ireland

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Mindie Burgoyne
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2015 Ireland Tours of the Thin Places

$2249 + air

Full information

Ireland's West Coast

Touring Hidden Ireland

Lots of travelers who visit Ireland see the popular sites that have been beefed up by the Irish Tourism Board so that they can comfortably handle up to a dozen motorcoaches at a time. These are the famous attractions - The Cliffs of Moher, Newgrange, Blarney Castle, Glendalough, Guinness Storehouse, the Ring of Kerry, the Burren, Connemara.

And these are all very worthy sites.

My tours are a bit different. While we must include some of these sites (Newgrange, Glendalough), we focus on "thin places" or places where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin. These are mystical places connected to heroes, legends, stories of people from the Otherworld. These sites have been sacred for thousands of years. They are often part of "hidden Ireland."
These are parts of Ireland that aren't in most of the guidebooks. And most of them can't accomodate the big motorcoaches.

The earth's energy is different in these sites. They impart a kind of peace and healing. Our tours cover anywhere from 20 to 30 different sites in 10 days - some well known like the Giants Causeway and the Burren, but most are part of the hidden landscape. We hire local guides with specialty focuses and we stay in vibrant city centres (Galway, Kilkenny, Derry, Donegal, Dingle and more) so our guests can connect with Irish people and culture.

Save the stress of self-driving and come with us on a tour of thin places. Read Ten Tips for Travel to Ireland

In this Thin Places tour of Ireland you will walk deep into the southwestern landscape, through some of the most mystical and ancient sites in western Europe. Rather than rush around traveling from one place to the next covering long distances, you will take your time immersed in ancient energies, the Irish mysticism, culture and heritage.  Though we’ll only travel through 5 counties, you’ll see all the elements of the Irish landscape – the Atlantic coast, the highest mountains, bogs, lush valleys, enchanted lakes, three islands and many vibrant towns and villages. You’ll travel with a small group of people who will become your friends. Our tour groups are small – 15 to 25 people – so as to be flexible and intimate.

For full details visit the Thin Places Mystical Tours website.

IMAGES IN THE LANDSCAPE- Sept. 11-20, 2015

Visit the rugged, wild west of Ireland. On this 9 day tour you will visit holy mountains, passage tombs, lakes, the rugged Atlantic coast and several islands. Sites on this tour include the Burren, Connemara, Crough Patrick, Clare Island, Achill Island, Inchagoil, Cong, Lough Corrib, Clonmacnoise, Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, Coole Park, Thoor Ballylee, Carrowkeel tomb complex and the Hill of Uisneach. Over 30 sites and some of the most beautiful scenery Ireland has to offer. You'll also benefit from several private guides including Tony Kirby (The Burren) and Michael Gibbons (Connemara).

For full details on the Images in the Landscape tour, visit the Thin Mystical Tours Places website.

This tour will be a life-changing experience. You will never be the same - you'll find something in Ireland - something that is specifically for you.

The complete information on the tour, itinerary, list of sites and registration is on the Thin Places Tour website. Please visit it and consider "coming home to Ireland."


Shore Woman Magazine on Mindie Burgoyne
"Author, tour guide, economic expert - this ShoreWoman does it all."
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Haunted Eastern Shore by Mindie Burgoyne

Haunted Eastern Shore
Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake

by Mindie Burgoyne

Now in its 7th Printing!

ISBN: 1596297204
PRICE: $17.99
160 Pages
Published by History Press
Haunted America series

Order Your Copy Today
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Book Description:

They walk beside the murky waters of the Chesapeake Bay, linger among the fetid swamps and roam the manor halls.... read more

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5 Facebook Tips for Writers

I have over 211 Facebook friends who are writers.  I have personally met only 56 of them - most only once or twice at a conference or seminar where I presented.  Out of the 211, I would call about 30 personal friends or people I would miss if they weren't in my life.  If any one of these 30 writers asked me to spread the word about a new publication, or highlight an event, or help with making some connections - I would do my best, and be happy to help.  I am a strong connection for these folks - as they are for me.  The relationship with 26 of these 30 friends was developed and strengthened through Facebook - in some cases, Facebook is the ONLY platform used to develop the friendship.

How long would it have taken me to develop connections like that outside of Facebook?  One good friend is better than 100 acquaintances.  Through these friends and their connections, I've been granted interviews, gotten introductions, connected with agents and new publishers, and had doors open for new opportunities both in writing and in speaking.

Here's 5 tips for Writers who want to make the most of Facebook:

  1. Keep the status' short. - Think of your status post as a headline in a newspaper.  What is going to make people stop scrolling down the newsfeed and read your post?  If you continue to offer posts people find interesting, they'll make it a point to stop at your name in the Newsfeed.  The shorter the post is, the more likely it will be read. 
  2. Comment, comment, comment - The most powerful tool in social media is the comment feature.  Being able to talk back makes the platform social.  Use this feature 10X more than the post feature, that is ... focus on others 10X more than you focus on yourself.  Interest in others builds strong relationships.
  3. Do post links to articles, blog posts, and interesting material on the web, but make it only 1/3 or less of your total postings.  If you become a "one topic poster" interest in your Facebook posts will wane.  Your Facebook profile should tell about you, the person ... who is also you the writer.
  4. Be mindful of how often you post - About 70% of my wall posts are done from my phone, because my job takes me on the road.  You want to post often enough that people remember you, but not so often that your bore your friends to death, or clog up their newsfeeds.  If you cant think of something interesting to put in your status bar, then comment on others' posts.  Make it sincere.  I try to post something daily... even if only comments.
  5. Use your sense of humor - If you have a sense of humor, here is where you'll profit from using it.  People always stop and read the posts of funny people.  Humor gets the most consistent exposure, and helps develop more relationships with less effort. 

Be conversational, interested in others, offer some interesting content, but most of all .... give your facebook friends a little insight into who YOU are. 


10 Tips for Travel To Ireland

Mount Brandon - Dingle - ten trips for travelTen ways or tips for getting the most out of your Ireland vacation ...

1. RENT A CAR IF POSSIBLE: Many first-time American visitors will use a tour bus for the land portion of their trip because they are fearful of driving in a foreign country, on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car. If you are a good driver, you will be able to handle driving in Ireland. If you're a little nervous, rent a car with an automatic transmission. It costs more, but shifting is one less thing to think about while driving.

The flexibility of having your own car is twice or three times the value of being dependent on a second party. Also, it's often cheaper to make your car rental reservations on line when you book your airfare. I use Orbitz and Travel Zoo. You can specify the size of the car, insurance choices and standard vs. automatic, and it will be ready for you when you arrive at the airport.

2. GET A GOOD ROAD MAP OR TWO: - I always use two different maps - .... read full post.


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Snow Hill - by Mindie Burgoyne - published by Arcadia Publishing
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